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$12,300 annual increase
I could have never asked for what I did without your help. The whole process was 95% easier and 95% less stressful having you there with me.

Angela E.
Software Engineer

$27,500 annual increase
Very professional, quick, and easy to use. Thanks so much for your help through this process!! I will definitely be sending you on to my friends.

Rohan G.
Software Engineer

$18,000 annual increase
Thank you so much for your help!  You really helped me understand and value my stock options. I could have never negotiated this increase without you.

Kara K.
Strategy / Business Development

$14,850 annual increase
Really impressive work. You even found a way to write emails in my voice! I didn't have to do anything at all. Also, I think your price is too low.

Ashley C.
Product Designer

$10,200 annual increase
I'm sending this to all my friends. Saved me so much time and effort, and I felt so much more confident having someone in my corner.

Elisabeth B.
Product Marketing Manager

$8,500 annual increase
What you're doing is really amazing. I've never had someone break it down like this before. Really fantastic support throughout!

Brooke L.
Product Manager

Navigating An Offer Shouldn't Be A Solo Journey

You rely on expert help to buy a house or plan for retirement. But understanding whether you're being fairly valued for your work is hard. Everyone has an opinion, but none of it seems right for you. It's time you had someone in your corner.

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Total Compensation is only total if it includes everything.

That's why we ask for your offer letter, benefits guide, equity calculator, and any other supporting documentation you've received.

We provide a detailed assessment of every aspect of your offer.

We compare your total compensation to recent market data, then break it down so you can identify hidden opportunities to negotiate for fair pay.

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We're with you as long as it takes.

Sometimes it takes two or three conversations to get everything just right. We update your Gameplan and stay with you throughout the proces.

We're in your corner and want to see you succeed.

We Use Validated, Verified Data

Everyone contributes, everyone benefits. That's how we operate. We use submitted and verified offer letters to build our evaluation models so you don't get the self-reported junk you'll find on the free sites.

Some Of Our Verified Offer Data Sources

Over $11,400 Per Year

That's how much we've increased the annual compensation of our users.
We succeed together.  If we don't improve your offer, you pay nothing.

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