A Little Perspective

About Earner

Our goal at Earner is to help people get paid fairly.  Understanding and negotiating compensation is difficult - it’s a mix of complex financial calculations and emotional resolve.  And for too many of us, it’s a journey we take alone.  For too many of us, when we have an offer in front of us, we’re so excited at the prospect that we don’t worry about whether it’s the best possible offer, or whether we’re actually getting paid fairly for the work we’ll be doing.  And what that means is that, for too many of us, we don’t negotiate as much as we should - perhaps we don’t even negotiate at all.

We think that’s wrong.

Just like you use an expert to help you buy a home or do your taxes, we think you should have an expert who helps you get paid fairly.  That means someone who is on your side and working for you - someone whose success is aligned to yours.  

That’s what we do at Earner.