Offer Comparisons


How do we do generate our offer comparisons?

Our process is simple.  Your success comes from two factors - understanding the compensation approach of the company you’re negotiating with, and understanding how that compares to the market more generally.

To support that, we select offers from similar roles at the company you’re negotiating with (when available) combined with data from similar roles at similar companies.

Where possible, we provide recent data on the exact role at the exact company you’re in conversation with.  That gives you the best understanding of the ability of the company to adjust their offer for you.

We also use data from similar roles at the same company to help give you a broader sense of that company’s approach to compensation.

Lastly, we provide data from similar roles at similar companies, so you can understand what the market value of the role is and how your offer compares.

We apply this framework because it gives you the strongest, data-backed rationale for negotiating an increase in your offer, and has proven to be the most effective method for successfully helping you get paid fairly.