Supporting Those Who Advance The Great Cause

Fundamentally Important

We stand with those who are working to make our society more just and equitable.  Racism and hatred of the other is still far too prevalent in both its individual and institutional forms. We are contributing, in the ways that we can, to eliminate that hatred and move us towards a country with justice and liberty for all.  

In what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, called “the great cause,” it is actions that matter, not merely words.  We believe that black lives matter, and that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Therefore, we are taking action by supporting organizations that are in the vanguard for the advancement of that cause.  We are supporting them financially and with free access to our products and services.  It can seem like too little - it does seem like too little - but it is all we have.  We encourage you, too, to make your mark in this moment of change, to stand and be counted, even in the smallest of ways.

Here are some of the great organizations we’re supporting.  If we can support you in your noble work, please don’t hesitate to reach out.