Where We Get Our Data


What data do we use to evaluate your offer?

When we evaluate your offer letter, we use the data submitted by other users to inform that analysis.  Because we do that, we can provide a high degree of precision and detail.  We use our Big Five framework to comprehensively assess every aspect of your offer, because even well-meaning people posting to the free sites may not understand the exact value of the more complex elements of their compensation.

We also break everything down in an apples-to-apples comparison.  Every company has their own unique approach to compensation plans, and while most fit into standard models, it can still be hard to accurately compare them.

Lastly, because we use offer letter data, we know it’s correct - and you can rely on it to be correct, too.  Self-reported online data have three major issues that we’re able to avoid:

  • First, it’s unclear if the people reporting are representative of all the people working at a company.  Perhaps only the highest earners are reporting because they already have some sense that their compensation is going to look great.  Perhaps it’s more junior employees, or those of a certain demographic, or only those who’ve recently had a compensation change - the point is, you can’t tell if what you’re seeing is the reality of what’s happening at the company.
  • Second, even if everyone in a company self-reported, it’s not at all clear that it would be accurate.  Many people struggle to quantify their benefits and equity - and rightly so, because they are complex topics.  Some might use the stock price at the time they began their job; some might use the value indicated in the offer letter; some might use the value as it is today.  Even well-intentioned self-reporters often do not provide enough data, and in enough detail, to make precise comparisons.
  • Third, it’s not always clear that every self-reporter is well-intentioned.  The free sites have some protocols in place to limit bad behavior, but some bad actors are always going to slip through - and now you have deliberately incorrect data mixed in with everything else.

Using offer letter data, and other company-provided documentation, avoids all this, and that’s why rely on it for our offer assessments.

In return for that precise analysis, we also anonymize your offer to inform the evaluations of other users who come after you.  We think of it as a pay it forward model - you’ve been helped by the people who came before, and now you’re contributing your data to help, in some small way, to those who will come after.